Our company, which manufactures and sells the synthetic diamond reactors that using CVD technology, sells a limited number of reactors every year within the determined country quotas.

Our ECO-II model reactors have net 5 ct diamond manufacturing capacity per month. Our company provides sales guarantee for the diamonds produced by our business partners in the countries we sell reactors and thus offers a risk free investment opportunity to entrepreneurs.

Our reactors have a compact structure. They operate with a fully autonomous system and require minimum personnel.

Please contact for detailed information: info@idcl.us

CVD Technology : (Chemical Vapor Deposition)

CVD technology is one of the two technologies that commonly used in synthetic diamond production in the world.

The other one is HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature). In addition to being a more economic way, diamonds produced with CVD are    perfect or almost in perfect quality.

Growing a few micrometers per hour in IDCL-CVD machines, the diamond reaches a size of around 1 carat in an average of 6 days.

Synthetic diamonds, which are in great demand from many Asian and Central Asian countries, especially in world's important jewelery producing countries, make machinery investment attractive