Thanks to our expert staff in diamond certification and cutting-edge technical equipment,we provide our services to you, our esteemed customers, every day between 9:00 and 18:00.

As you will appreciate, as a synthetic diamond manufacturer, we can accurately determine whether a diamond is synthetic or not. Determining whether a well-produced synthetic diamond is actually synthetic or not is a truly difficult task that requires high level of specialization. The simple "diamond tester" tools easily found in almost everyjewellery store fail to distinguish real diamonds from their synthetic counterparts.
Synthetic diamonds can only be analysed using devices found in only few advanced laboratories and at an ambient temperature lowered to a certain degree.

As I.D.C.L. Inc, we use yellow-coloured certificates for synthetic diamonds and blue- coloured certificates for natural diamonds. In the "Inscription" and "Comments" sections of the synthetic diamond certificates, there are other details about the diamond such as whether the diamond is "lab-grown" and the method by which it was produced.

If a diamond or jewellery is offered for sale with an I.D.C.L. certificate, you can buy it safe in the knowledge that all its characteristics have been comprehensively and rigorously analysed.